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The Therian [ENG]

The Therian are people with the spirit of an animal. They may have some of their characteristics such as cunning, for a Therian-fox, or strength for a Therian-bear. There are also Therian-wolves, that are not Real Werewolves, but people with the spirit of the wolf.
Note how the spirits of Therian are exclusively animals-totems of the ancient nomadic tribes. Remember the “Spirit Guide” of the Native Americans? Or the sacred animals of the ancient Egyptians? Unfortunately, their knowledge of how and why have been lost over time and we have only a glimpse of the old knowledge.
The Therian, or animals-totems, may be the fox, bear, wolf, horse, eagle and hawk, shark, cat, crocodile… the list will be is very long if I list whole.


[ENG] The vampires of The Black Temple

[ENG] The vampires of The Black Temple

The vampires, who does not like? There are those who are passionate by the films, those with books, those who feel one of them. These mythical creatures made their first real appearance with the book “The Vampire” by John Polidori in 1819 although it was spoken already in the early eighteenth century. The figure of the tenebrous vampire, with the years, has undergone several mutations. The bald vampire “Nosferatu” to the beautiful and gloomy of the “Interview with the Vampire” and, to the list, certainly can not miss the vampire with a girlfriend a bit too creative with the glitter, “Twilight.”
But why I talk about vampires?, I hear you ask. This is because I want to tell you how they really exist and, more specifically, I will tell you what are called Real Vampires. Now you forget the creature that with the sun catches fire or explodes, having long canines and a speed that would envy the Jet Russians. Continua a leggere [ENG] The vampires of The Black Temple