[ENG] The vampires of The Black Temple

[ENG] The vampires of The Black Temple

The vampires, who does not like? There are those who are passionate by the films, those with books, those who feel one of them. These mythical creatures made their first real appearance with the book “The Vampire” by John Polidori in 1819 although it was spoken already in the early eighteenth century. The figure of the tenebrous vampire, with the years, has undergone several mutations. The bald vampire “Nosferatu” to the beautiful and gloomy of the “Interview with the Vampire” and, to the list, certainly can not miss the vampire with a girlfriend a bit too creative with the glitter, “Twilight.”
But why I talk about vampires?, I hear you ask. This is because I want to tell you how they really exist and, more specifically, I will tell you what are called Real Vampires. Now you forget the creature that with the sun catches fire or explodes, having long canines and a speed that would envy the Jet Russians.

Of Real Vampire there are several types: the Psychic (PSI), the Drink-blood and the Elementals. In Italy he is spoken recently, and little, and who is a Real Vampire have a little fear to speak because the Italians are closed to these things and they are treat a bit like a social diversity, oddities who needs a psychiatrist and, again, simply fetishists. Yet what unites them are obvious and real traits. Photosensitivity, clear skin, eye color that changes, one or more of the five senses, the most developed of the standard; although these are not the only characteristics. In Italy there is the community called “Il Tempio Oscuro – The Official Community“, among other very active and that deals with this topic very good and is the only community which also addresses the categories Therian, Otherkin, Real Werewolves and Starseed, without forgetting the other topics like esotericism and the paranormal. Recently also they introduced precisely the argument Starseed (Star Seed or Sons Of Stars) here is still a strange thing and why, in Italy, is the only that covers this topic.
Il Tempio Oscuro – Official Community” has, that’s incredible, booted the scentifiche research on Real Vampires! Hopefully, soon, they will have the physical evidence.
This community is not only a group addressed to these categories but is also open to the curious, who is approaching the topics mentioned above or only want to know more about it.

The founder of “Il Tempio Oscuro”, Edge Rocker, has participated in several interviews explaining the concept of Real Vampirism in a clear and simple, while giving thorough explanations.
The community also has a YouTube channel, you can found at the bottom of the item the video presentation.

This group of vampires does not remain static in the web, but also comes out, in the “fresh air.” In fact, every year in May, the “Il Tempio Oscuro“, organize a rally for the Celtic festival of Beltane at the Arcobaleno Park, in Masserano. In my saying a wise choice given the place. This year (2017) it was held on 12, 13 and 14 May and are invited all members of the “Il Tempio Oscuro” and the participation was open to anyone who wants to learn about this important group. It ‘a good initiative to meet in person and talk about the issues discussed during the year. The medieval setting, between the Celts and Vikings, music, magic practices and conferences, make those days a “flight from the real world” so perfect in these hectic times where technology and buries us.

To conclude, I think it is needless to say how the admin of the “Il Tempio Oscuro – The Official Community” is always kind and his knowledge is vast in the themes that are treated inside. It’s a good place to learn new things and move forward in your spiritual path, if it you has one. The only thing required within is the respect for the ideas of others but comparisons constructive are always present.

Useful links:

OFFICIAL group of the “Il Tempio Oscuro – The Official Community”

You Tube channel of “Il Tempio Oscuro – The Official Community”

Interview on Youtube




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